Digital strategy

For a psychologist

How digital marketing and SEO can make it possible to start a liberal career in a sector of activity with such a strong competition. Improve your visibility, your turnover, and automate your accounting tasks

Illustration SEO for a psychologist, automated accounting tasks

Fender Tweed Amp

Princetone 5F2A

Do you like some good ol' vintage sound of the 60's? This project was made for you ! A tube lamp amplifier with 99% original components. Just like back in the days !

Illustration vintage sound


Freshwater Aqua

From automatic water change, by pH management, to the study of the wavelength of light to match the photosynthesis during the day, with a touch screen. A really fun Arduino project.

Illustration automated freshwater aquarium C++

Short film

Les aliénés

Making a short film and promoting it within 10 days with a team of 10 people without any audio-visual training is no small task. Yet we did it, and we finished first.

Illustration what i did during this project Les Aliénés

I wrote my first code using VisualBasic in middle school when I was 13 years old. After High school, i started to learn medicine for 8 years. I passed my first year competition successfully and i was able to finish 55th out of 1040 candidates.

I worked at the hospital as a medical extern for 3 years, but my addiction for coding and making things was not compatible with.

I decided to stop my medical studies to learn more about coding, computing, and technologies at HETIC. I entered directly in the 4th year of the HETIC great school, where I polish my knowledge about the world wide web.

I am a freelancer and I work for a few people and a communication agency. In addition to my developer skills, I have 2 years of experience in SEO and web analytics, which is an asset for my projects. I am also interested in connected objects made with Arduino and Raspberry PI.

I love to learn, to build things, to play some blues guitar riffs, to run under the storm, to talk about the universe, to read scientific articles and so on...