What is it

I wanted to practice C++ language and make a reel project with an Arduino. So i decided to make from scratch a 130 liters freshwater aquarium with his own electric system, an Arduino controller and a touchescreen integrated into the furniture for the user interface.

The Arduino controller was able to manage the internal temperature and the hydrogen potential of the water, the intensity and the wavelenght of the led lighting, the injection of liquid fertilizer, it was able to feed fish and to automatically renew the water.

Illustration what is it freshwater aquarium arduino

How this work

Potential hydrogen of the water was controlled by a solenoid valve on a carbon dioxide cylinder, and was measured by a pH probe.

The led lighting has been studied by myself to match with true cycle of photosynthesis, and true cycle of intensity and wavelenght of the sun rays, taking into account the attenuation due to the height of water.

Injection of liquide fertilizer, and the renewal of water was managed by peristaltic pumps. The fish feeder was mechanical and maked by myself.

Illustration how this work freshwater aquarium arduino

All this was configurable without exception with the touchscreen user interface. Even the intensity in lumens and the wavelenght in Kelvin of each LED, minutes by minutes.

Expression de Allan Dollé

What did it becomes

I sold this project cause it was finished, and it's less funny when there is nothing more to do.

Illustration what did it becomes freshwater aquarium arduino