Growing fast

I worked for Margot Duvauchelle, a clinical psychologist in Amiens, who wanted to start his liberal carrier after having worked at the hospital.

She wanted to have a digital strategy to have patients quickly and make herself known. She also wanted to know if i could do some workflow optimizations, especially for it's accounting and to prevent cancellations of appointments.

Illustration how to grow fast

Search Engine optimizations

First of all, i spent a lot of time analyzing his competition, best search queries in it's area, and to find a compromise between the digital marketing and the ethic imposed by its profession and herself.

Then i started the development of her website, paying attention to search engine optimizations. During this time, i started the social media and referer strategy, the local SEO, and give her a lot of advice to make usefull web contents.

Illustration audit seo


Then i started the workflow optimizations. I make an automatic accounting software coded in JavaScript, connected with her Google Calendar, Google Drive and her Google Contacts, let she have usefull statistics, turnover, taxe declaration and predict how much the URSSAF will take from her.

Illustration of automatic accounting software

Finally, to prevent cancellations of appointments, i did an other automatic software that sends sms to her patients 2 days before their appointments.

Expression de Allan Dollé


Her website stay at the first or the second search engine results position (on the 5 best queries) and she can no longer take a patient.

Cancellations are low compared to the average, and she now have 70% less of it.

She no longer takes care of her accounting and she has about 3 calls a day.

She is angry because she is spending too much time on the phone now.

Illustration of the debriefing