What is it

According to my passion to play the guitar, and to love vintage sounds, i built entierely a vintage guitar tube amplifier (no this is not about HTML AMP format...). I saw on Google images and Youtube this beautifull tweed style amplifier and i told to me: "I definitly want this stuff, but not a reissue one".

Illustration Princetone with Women

Looking for pure vintage sound

I got on the web the period 1962's 5F2A layout and schematics written by Fender, and started to study how i could do it. Which components influence the sound, what exactly were the references of the components as well as the subcontractors that manufactured them and so on …

All the parts are new in box (NIB), which means built nearly in 1960, never used, and with same specifications as possible. Only the metal cage, the transformer, the tweed tolex and the speaker are new and/or not made by myself.

Illustration vintage sound

Time to buy and to build

After analyzed and studied all the components, i bought all the parts on about 15 differents places based on USA, Australia, Paris, Great Britain and so on. I maked a 3D plan to be able to build the box by a craftsman carpenter in solid wood.

Illustration time to buy and to build

I soldered all the parts on the bulletin board, pasted the tweed tolex (14 hours of sweating) on the wood box, and switch on the AMP in the garden remotely to watch out for the 50-year old chemical capacitor...

Expression de Allan Dollé

What did it becomes

This tube AMP is still in my living-room with my pre-CBS luthier Fender stratocaster, and it like to caress my ears: what a sound !

Illustration what did it become